Dagan Meaning and Origin

Dagan Meaning and Origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Dagan is a variant of Dagon, the name of a deity of the ancient Amorites.


Dagon is the name of the god of seeds and agriculture venerated by the Semitic populations of the North-West.

His character :

Dagan is an unusual boy. Hating the compromises and half-measures, he prefers to engage in extremist actions. With such an attitude, he can reach the highest peaks or fall into the deepest abyss. Although he seems self-centered, Dagan is a generous and selfless boy who likes to turn to others and help them. Charismatic and energetic, he is capable of being obeyed by others. However, when he takes command, it is completely disinterested. Original and unconventional, he does not like to follow the paths traced by society. Always seeking to surpass himself, he does not appreciate the limits that others impose on him. By behaving like a marginal, Dagan is often misunderstood and sidelined. Yet he enjoys being surrounded by as many people as possible. Altruistic and philanthropic, it takes a long time to reach the detachment necessary to fulfill his social and humanitarian goals. Before he devotes himself to a given task, Dagan always checks all material and financial aspects. Only when he is sure everything is in order does he begin the work. Although he seems to have his feet on the ground, Dagan can indulge in a gentle reverie. He sometimes abandons himself to his imagination and allows himself to be locked in a dreamlike world that he can hardly leave.



His party :

There is no party for people with the first name Dagan.

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