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Cakes, pies, pancakes ... sweet recipes ... a real treat! Discover our dessert recipes to finish the meal gently or to taste at tea time.

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Tiramisu of red fruits

This is a very fresh dessert that does not need cooking. This red fruit tiramisu recipe is really easy to make.

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Lemon Cream

A vitamin and gourmet dessert recipe with good citrus zest.

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Papillotes of pears with vanilla and star anise

A delicious dessert to serve hot or warm, accompanied by a cloud of whipped cream or a sorbet with pear.

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Brownie with chocolate and pear

This is a brownie that changes brownie! And as always, the duo poire-chocolat does wonders ...

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Wonders of dark chocolate and its nougat surprise

A surprising blend of sweetness where the intensity of chocolate reveals all the sweetness of nougat and caramelized almonds with a hint of honey.

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Choco-caramel and white-raspberry chocolate entremet

Here is a recipe whose presentation is superb. We keep the idea aside to receive friends!

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Caramel cream and popcorn

A melting heart and a touch of crisp with popcorn ... a recipe that will delight all gourmands, young and old!

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Orange chocolate terrine

A true delight with melting chocolate and candied orange peel to enjoy with your family.

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Fluffy kiwi-lemon

The mellowness put themselves in exotic time with this recipe gourmet and full of vitamins. To test absolutely!

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Mirabelle donuts

Plum donuts, that's a gourmet idea! These delicious little wonders will be appreciated by young and old.

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Clafoutis cherries-pistachios

The cherry is in the spotlight in this summer recipe where it mixes with pistachio to bring a touch of originality, full of flavors. With its soft and melting texture, this cherry-pistachio clafoutis will delight you.

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Frost Island Cups

We offer ourselves the sun at dessert time with this recipe straight from the islands ... And if you wish, replace the vanilla ice cream with coconut ice cream.

A gourmet recipe.

Profiteroles with chocolate and cream

Gourmet and cocoa-addicts, treat yourself! Because the profiteroles are too good ...

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Mini-galettes des kings with frangipane and jam

Too crisp these mini-galettes! And the whole family will melt for their melting heart blend of frangipane and jam. Who is the queen?

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Makis pancakes with jam

And if you surprise your gourmands with sweet makis with jam? An ideal recipe for snack made with pancake batter. Who will come to eat them with chopsticks?

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Sandwich bar with calissons and raspberries

A delicious gourmet recipe wish to seduce the most greedy.

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Panna cotta with strawberry jelly

A gourmet and fresh seasonal dessert that will please your little family.

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Meli-melon with red berries

A colorful and vitaminized dessert this meli-melon! As its name suggests, it contains melon, but also full of summer fruits!

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Red fruit salad with black olives, chocolate and churros

A 1000% original dessert with red fruits and black olives! And greedy with churros and chocolate.

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A recipe rich in chocolate for your greedy. To taste in small bites because it is rich in calories.

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Pancakes and fruit skewers

The freshness of the fruits is combined with the sweetness of the pancakes in this vitamin and gourmand dessert at a time. And then, eat a dessert on a skewer, what a pleasure!

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