Name Dany - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Hebrew tradition, the name "Dany" comes from "Daniel" meaning "God is my judge".


Dany Garcia, American producer and president of The Garcia Companies. With a vast experience in the media world (television, cinema, advertising, etc.), she currently supports new talents wishing to break into the field.
Businesswoman Dany Levy, founder and chief editor of the publishing company Dailycandy, LLC.

His character :

Highly sensitive, Dany cares about home, family and friends. This emotional woman is also dynamic and autonomous. Responsible and conscientious, she particularly cherishes her freedom and tends to want to emancipate herself very early. Anxious to maintain a calm environment around her, Dany is able to provide a lot of effort to live in a peaceful atmosphere without animosity. Because of her penchant for harmony, this woman of peace exudes an indescribable charm and very comforting. A soothing aura emerges from her everyday life through her calm, even phlegmatic features. Yet, behind this reassuring mask, Dany is very nervous and anxious. To hide her worried side, she tends to plunge body and soul into various activities. Moreover, she still manages to find something to do to calm her temper. However, it has an unparalleled organizational capacity. As a result, it is particularly effective in the workplace.

Sometimes Dany gets carried away by his emotions, but resentment is not part of his vocabulary. This impulsive woman's relatives can see her smiling after a memorable bout of rage. During her childhood, the challenge to educate Dany is to learn to motivate her. Indeed, for this emotional person, everything is about motivation. If the motivation is not at the rendezvous, do not expect a miracle, it will not move an eyelash. Nevertheless, when motivated, it is able to deploy unsuspected resources and obtain surprising results. In the end, Dany presents himself as a person with a huge potential with very irregular results. His family must accompany him continuously and learn to motivate him.


Danny, Danya, Danielle, Danneel, Daneal, Danek, Danell, Dani and Danial.

His party :

The Dany are in the spotlight on December 11th.

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