Name Dawn - Meaning of thumbs

Name Dawn - Meaning of thumbs

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Dawn is a rare name that refers to "the one who stings". The name means "dawn" in English.


Dawn Addams, British actress (1930-1985).

His character :

Dawn's personality is characterized by generosity and will. She is very attached to her family despite her very demanding side. She applies her authoritarian side to others as well as to herself. This trait of his personality leads him to be influential on his surroundings. That said, it is also based on a balanced mind that can hardly be destabilized. Dawn also has a great sense of responsibility. In concrete terms, his overall extroverted personality is dominated by his sociable and emotional side. On the affective plane, she needs to be surrounded and to feel tenderness to blossom well. On a professional level, she must use her analytical intelligence to advance in everything she does.


Danne, Dannie, Danny, Dati and Dany.

His party :

There is no party dedicated to the name Dawn.

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