Name Dayna - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

Africans, Arabs

Meaning of the name:

Dayna is a name of Arabic origin.

In the Arabic language, Dayna means "good Muslim with sincere religious feelings".


Famous celebrities include American jazz singer-songwriter Dayna Stephens, American actress Dayna Porter, American journalist Dayna Devon, and Australian-born rugby player Dayna Edwards. Zealand.

His character :

Dayna is a hyperactive and dynamic little girl, who does not hold up. She is an adorable, endearing and emotional girl who has a huge need for attention and affection. Whimsical and spontaneous, she has the knack for inventing situations and games out of the ordinary. Dayna is a traveling party. She always laughs and illuminates her surroundings with her unshakable optimism. She is intelligent, curious and lively. Its biggest asset is its capacity for rapid assimilation and understanding. Dayna is also a small athlete seed. Sporty and energetic, she is attracted by boys' games and likes to be constantly moving. With an iron will, she knows what she wants and wants it on the spot!


Dayana, Diana, Diane, Danae, Dina and Dayan are variants of the given name Dayna.

His party :

Dayna has no date of celebration.

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