Baby name: which books to buy?

Baby name: which books to buy?

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Choose the baby's name, a wonderful moment ... but also delicate! To help you in your reflection, we have selected for you reference books not to be missed among new and timeless.

  • What name for baby? The choice is often harsh for parents! Among the sources of inspiration, there are of course websites such as ours, but also many books, it is nice to browse with two future dad or separately to list his favorite names ... and find the rare pearl corresponding to your expectations and desires.
  • Whether you are looking for a classic, old, trendy, original, ethnic name ... we have selected for you the best books on the names that also guide us every day to writing for our topics on the first names. These books list girls 'first names as boys' first names, selections by theme, by origin or trend ... let yourself be guided!

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Baby name: which books to buy? (20 photos)

The Official of the Names 2020

It's "the Bible" of the first names for many future parents! Each year, Stéphanie Rapoport presents the top names chosen in France, but also a census of 12 000 first names with complete card, origin, frequency of attribution ... and also the trends to come. Useful when looking for a name.
By Stéphanie Rapoport and Claire Tabarly, First editions. € 19.95. Where to find it?

The Larousse Rating of the 2020 First Names

This book presents 12,000 names of girls and boys, classified from A to Z, with, for the leading names, a detailed sheet indicating their rating, their current trend, their etymology, their history and their variants.
By Laure Karpiel, ed. Larousse. € 15.95. Where to find it?

The guide of 100,000 first names

The largest of the first name repositories to choose the perfect name! This true dictionary is an infinite source of inspiration. You will find more than 100,000 first names with their origins, meanings, variations, fascinating anecdotes and famous homonyms. But also information, lists and rankings both useful and fun to read to make the right choice! Grids of criteria to fill in to choose well. The latest trends: what's in and what's out. First names that progress and those that regress. The most popular names in the world. The rare and little known names. The classic names. Updated lists of names inspired by characters from series, films, books, cities, artists, children of stars ... By Bruce Lansky, ed. Marabout: € 15.90. Where to find it?

The 2019 First Name Guide

Very complete, this book offers not only details on more than 3,000 names but also 7000 variants and thematic tops (biblical names, mythology, bobo ...), a tutorial describing how to make the right choice of first name, a pink notebook of people and a party to customize with tests, a family tree, a pictogram system to "mark" his favorite names ... in short, a book on the first names ultra complete.
By Julie Milbin, ed. Solar: 19 € Where to find it?

The Great Name Guide

More than 15,000 names, from the most classic to the most original ... this guide is a real mine for parents looking for a name for baby. Whether old, classic, original, new, each name is detailed with its origin, its history, its dominant character traits ... to make the right choice!
By Florence Le Bras, ed. Marabout pocket. € 6.50. Buy The Great Guide to First Names.

2019 Guide to Boys' First Names

The reference of first name books only devoted to little boys. More than 5000 male first names, with thematic tops and space to appropriate the book.
By Julie Milbin, ed. Solar. 9, 95 €. Where to find it?

2019 Girl's Name Guide

The reference of first name books only devoted to little girls this time. More than 5000 names to discover.
By Julie Milbin, ed. Solar. 9, 95 €. Where to find it?

The anti-guide of first names

Proposed by the very serious League of civil status officers, this book should surprise you, as was the case with our selection of names of OUF who came from it and who made a real card! You will discover surprising names choices made by parents (for real) as Kill-Yann, Boghosse, Alkapone or Merdive. In total almost 1000 beads that should have fun ... even seduce you!
First Editions. 17 €. Buy The anti-guide of first names.

The first name of Larousse

Nearly 11000 names, including 2000 very detailed, is the great choice offered by this book that breaks down into two parts: one for girls and one for boys. origin, meaning, date of celebration, history of the associated saint, traits, derivatives ... You will also find thematic inserts and a notebook at the center recesant nearly 2000 foreign names classified by continent.
By Florence Le Bras, Larousse editions. € 15.95. Buy the Petit Larousse names.

The 4000 most beautiful rare first names

Want originality, a unique name (or almost)? The book is made for you ! Aelis, ZaIg, Sorel, Yovan ... this Bible of rare names lists the 4000 most beautiful names brought by less than 3000 people in France. A real source of inspiration for parents looking for a difference!
By Stéphanie Rapoport, ed. First. € 9.95. Buy The 4000 most beautiful rare names.

The hidden faces of the first names

In search of a name at once original, meaningful, which will not go out of fashion too quickly and with the beautiful consonance? This original guide offers thematic selections with useful references, all spelling variations, diminutives ... something to find your happiness.
By Thierry Le Rolland, ed. Favre. € 11.70. Buy The hidden faces of first names.

1000 first names

Mother of four children and passionate by the names, Héloise Martel is the author of many books on this theme. Here, she offers a selection of 1000 trend, classic, original or timeless ideas for everyone to find their source of inspiration. Trend of attribution of each name, origin, associated personality, date of his festival, patron saint, variants ... ideal to make his choice.
By Héloise Martel, ed. First. € 3.95. Buy 1000 names.

The Little Book of First Names

Small in size, but large in its teachings, this book explains the etymology, origin and history of more than 800 names of yesteryear. A valuable source for parents looking for a name full of meaning and history for their baby.
By Dominique Pen Du, ed. Oak. 15 €. Buy The Little Book of the names of yesteryear.

The big book of Arabic names

This book is an essential reference. It lists over 5500

Choose a first name for Dummies

Do you feel "worthless" in the face of the great dilemma of choosing baby's first name? Do not worry, you are not alone ... this famous collection has therefore focused on this "thorny" theme and offers a rich book of teachings with 20000 first names of girls and boys decorticated (origin, evolution, character) and many boxes on statistics, anecdotes about certain names, and especially those called "general culture" that plunge us into an exciting history of France first names.
By Héloise Martel, First editions. € 10.90. Buy Choose a name for Dummies.

365 first names explained

Only selection criteria for the first names listed in this guide that flips in a very pleasant way? Success. There are more than 600 first names and their derivatives among the most loved in France since 1900. You will find of course their origiae, date of celebration, etc., but also nice anecdotes.
By Marie-Odile Mergnac, editions of the Oak. 5 €. Buy 365 names explained.

Dictionary of Muslim first names

This book offers more than 10,000 Muslim first names from different Muslim areas of presence, from Arab countries to South East Asian lands and from Africa to Europe as well as Turkic speaking countries. By Samira Benturki Saïdi: 12 €. Where to find it?

A name for life

What are the main characteristics of characters shared by all "holders" of the same name: Paul, François, Jules, Marie, Léa ...? Throughout the pages, the author methodically reviews what each name implies intelligence, intuition, will, affectivity, sociability ...
By Pierre Le Rouzic, ed. Albin Michel. € 15.90. Where to find it?

A name of heroes and heroines

Here is the "Dictionary of the most beautiful names inspired by literature" ... Romantic, unscrupulous, charming, mysterious, Dawn, Ines, Augustine, Mohammed, Olivia, Victor of world literature are sifted to inspire you. Original with its double cover, this book turns around according to the chosen sex. By Sarah Sauquet, ed. The Robert. € 18.90. Where to find it?

A name, the choice of a life

Because through each name lies a meaning and is a reflection of a story, a family destiny with its logics of attribution, its unconscious choices, this book is not yet another book on first names, but the first to link his choice to psychogenealogy taking into account all the parameters: psychological, cultural, historical, symbolic, aesthetic, social ... By Constance Lanxade and Elena Bizzotto, ed. Horay. € 14.90. Where to find it?

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