The arrival of the second, a cataclysm?

You will soon return to the adventure of motherhood. But during this pregnancy, often different from the first, questions arise. How does the arrival of this second child change the situation for the eldest, the couple?

Mom side, the anxiety of not being up

  • Like many young momsyou have experienced your first pregnancy as a major upheaval, listening to the slightest sign of your body and your baby. For this second maternity, your need for introspection is less strong. "The nine months of my first pregnancy were punctuated by my yoga classes, pool, pampering and reading books specialized on the baby, remembers Marion, mother of Ines, 3 years, and Noah, 6 months For the second pregnancy, I did not even take the time to do my water aerobics, I did not feel the need, I was -sereine.

    Expectant mothers are haunted by the fear of not being able to love this baby as much as the eldest.

  • Serene? Not quite. The future moms of a second child have the fear of not being able to love this baby as much as the eldest. "Do not worry," answers Anne Gatecel, a clinical psychologist, "you will love your two children as much, no doubt differently." In the end, what bothers you is the time, the presence you will give to each one of them. privilege one over the other. "Not so easy! Because the arrival of child number 2 will grab you. Go! Soon you will find an organization to devote to your two little darlings, reserving the presence they need according to their age.
  • You will also teach your children how to weave the fraternal bond. "It's more than raising a child," says Nicole Prieur, psychotherapist and philosopher, "we teach two people to know each other, to love each other and to respect each other." Parents and children learn about otherness. "An experience to relive with each new birth.

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