Name Dempsey - Meaning and origin

Name Dempsey - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Of Irish origin, this name means "proud".


We do not have any celebrities with the last name Dempsey. Your marvel may be?

His character :

Dempsey is fairly new, as it only appeared around 1900. This Gaelic name is associated with a vigorous and energetic boy. Dempseyn is not cold in the eyes and his vitality and his natural spirit are accompanied by a sharp intelligence. Dempsey is a very passionate boy. Far from being impulsive, however, he takes the time to calmly ask himself a question when the situation demands it. When he manages to tame his passionate side, he is wise, thoughtful and endowed with a great analytical sense. Dempsey is curious about nature. Being interested in everything, he is also sometimes a bit dreamy. Full of charm, he likes to save a certain touch of magic in his daily life. Dempsey is a lover of life. He always takes the good side of things. He does not fear his chances because he knows how to face them with intelligence.


Demba, Demet and Demis ...

His party :


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