Name Diago - Meaning of origin

Origin of first name:

Spanish, Hebrew, Latin, Portuguese

Meaning of the name:

Diago derives from the Latin "Didacus". This rather rare name is mainly met by the Spanish speaking people.


Diego Costa, Spanish international footballer, Thiago Motta, Italian international footballer.
Diago is under the protection of the Spanish Franciscan Saint Diego. During his lifetime, he was the evangelizer of the Canary Islands in the 15th century. He is honored on November 12th.

His character :

Diago is emotional, intuitive and sensitive. On a daily basis, however, he appears as extroverted and sociable. He also shows great generosity, especially to his family. From time to time, his reserved side also leads him to seek tranquility to take stock of himself. Diago also feels very good with his close friends. Diago's personality is hard to pin down. Diago is very intelligent and sure of his abilities. These assets allow him to be very professional.


Diego, Thiago, Tiago, Hugo, Nego and Ted.

His party :

The Diago are celebrated on November 12th.

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