Name Djamal - Meaning and origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

The name Djamal means "beauty".


French actor Djamal Bouanane, Libyan footballer Djamal Mahamat Bindi, free wrestler Djamal Otarsultanov, French kick-boxer Jamal Damou, Algerian writer Djamel Amrani, American football player Jamal Lewis, American basketball player Jamal Crawford, French-Moroccan footballer Jamal Alioui, French rugby player Jamal Fakir, Syrian football referee Jamal Al Sharif ...

His character :

Generosity is one of the main qualities of Jamal. He is always helpful and his good manners in group makes him an endearing character. However, he has the unfortunate tendency to want to be the center of the world. His unparalleled narcissism sometimes makes him unbearable. A great speaker, he likes to distract the crowd with elaborate and enriching speeches. However, behind his appearance as a talker, Djamal actually hides a more thoughtful personality.

Moreover, Djamal is an imperturbable man. He discards spontaneous reactions due to stress or the hazards of his mood. In everyday life as at work, Djamal tries to remain calm in all circumstances. This "zen attitude" helps him to maintain a certain balance in his life.

Djamal also has a sense of organization. He is methodical and efficient in everything he undertakes. Far from him the idea of ​​venturing into any activity without being well prepared.

Socially speaking, Djamal respects the rules of morality. He likes being honest and does not hesitate to transmit his values ​​to his associates. A man of his word, he always respects his commitments.


Djamale, Djamel, Jamal, Jamel ...

His party :


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