Domenica Meaning - Origin and Names

Domenica Meaning - Origin and Names

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Origin of first name:

Italians, Latin

Meaning of the name:

Derived from the common name "domina" meaning "mistress of house" or "owner", "domenica" and "dominica" are translated as "that which belongs to the mistress / master / lord". In the Roman Empire, the servant born under the protection of a powerful family is often called "Dominica" or "Domenica".

Since the advent of the Christian religion and the Sunday Mass, "Dominica" means "who belongs to the Lord / God" or "the one who is consecrated by God". Sometimes this name is simply given to a girl born on a Sunday.


Of Italian origin, Domenica Davis is a notable figure of the small screen in the United States. She has worked for various branches of NBC.

His character :

A charismatic and energetic woman, Domenica wins quickly in any group. Although she is obviously haughty and annoying, she can easily assert herself because of her strength of character and unwavering determination. However, her pride and her excessive pride do not spare her from her compulsive need to be admired. This punctilious, idealistic and demanding woman towards herself is also concerned with the opinion of others.

Domenica needs to be surrounded by a lot of love and affection. Lonely, she could become depressed, cynical, bitter, even suicidal. The relatives of this hypersensitive woman must be careful never to let her fall prey to self-destructive impulses. Nevertheless, this passionate woman has a great sense of responsibility, sometimes pushing her to take on issues that do not concern her. It is also active, organized and altruistic. This emotional and sensitive woman is also likely to indulge in particularly frightening outbursts of anger at injustice. During her childhood, Domenica will have to be helped to gradually control her passional attacks directed against herself or others.


Dominica, Dominica, Dominika, Domnika and Domenika.

His party :

The Domenica are in the spotlight on August 8th.

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