Sophrology to prepare gently

Becoming an actress in her full pregnancy and childbirth is the dream of all future mothers. Sophrology, combining breathing techniques and mental concentration, is a good way to achieve this. Starting in the fourth month.

What is sophrology?

  • Greek sos "peace, harmony and serenity", phren "mind, conscience" and logos "sciences, studies", sophrology was born in 1960 in Madrid, under the guidance of a neuropsychiatrist, Dr. Alfonso Caycedo.
  • This "relaxation therapy" presents many aspects of the "classic" preparation for childbirth, such as learning to relax and breathe, but in more depth. The goal ? Listen to your internal rhythms, your feelings and your baby.
  • AT this is in addition to visualization techniques which will allow you to project yourself into the future and imagine in a positive and pleasant way the different stages of your future childbirth.

The goal of sophrology

  • The aim is to acquire, through a regular practice, relaxation automatisms that you can use throughout your pregnancy and in the workroom. But acquiring these relaxation automatisms requires training! A real program that requires preparation with a professional of this discipline.
  • Sophrology can also reduce the symptoms associated with pregnancy (nausea, vomiting ...), reduces the risk of premature labor, reduces overweight and prevents many infections.

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