The astutter of moms in your bookstore

has collected all his mom's tricks in a book, to make life easier and solve the hassle of everyday life. (News of the 20 and 21/02/10)

  • Each month, offers ingenious parents to send their original tips to simplify the lives of their children.
  • How to make him eat vegetables? How to avoid losing your precious blanket? What to do with his crib when he grows up? Only parents who have experienced these situations before you, can bring you original and fun solutions.
  • In The astutter of moms, edited by Solar and, you'll find something to fix everyday worries related to bathing, going to table, traveling, beach or painting.
  • In bookstores since February 18th.

The astutter of moms, co-published by Solar Editions and, 9,90 €.

Alison Novic

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