Name Enoah - Meaning of the Name

Origin of first name:

Polynesians, Tahitians

Meaning of the name:

The masculine given name Enoah originates from the Tahitian language where it means "perfume".


There are no celebrities named Enoah. Maybe your little boy will be the first!

His character :

Enoah is a hypersensitive being who reacts with a quarter turn. Emotivity on the skin, his generosity and kindness make him very pleasant.

Combative and courageous by nature, Enoah never hesitates to raise his voice against injustices.

Energetically independent, Enoah holds to his freedom as to the apple of his eyes. In friendship, Enoah is nevertheless faithful and loyal.


The name Enoah has no derivatives.

His party :

No date is assigned to Enoah in the calendar.

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