Name Eva-Marie - Meaning of origin

Name Eva-Marie - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

French, Hebrews

Meaning of the name:

Eva-Marie is a name composed of Eva and Mary. Evan comes from the Hebrew "hawwah" meaning "living", and Mary comes from the Hebrew word "mirtayam" meaning "myrrh and ocean".


Eva-Marie Saint is an American actress who has toured with the most prestigious directors like Robert Mulligan, George Seaton and Robert Lieberman.
Eva Becker is an international actress and a German voice over.
Eva-Marie Ford is an American actress known for her roles in the films "Bolero", "The Fate of Phoenix" and "The magician".
Eva Liffner is an author of Swedish origin.
Éva-Marie Mulder is a model and model of Dutch origin.
Natalie Eva Marie Nelson, known in Eva-Marie, is an American model and wrestler.

His character :

Open, sociable, extrovert and friendly, Éva-Marie is a woman very appreciated by others. Always cheerful, she always shows good humor and spirit. She likes to feel that she exists and appreciates the simple pleasures of life. Strong personality, she is sure of herself and has incredible confidence in herself. Of a rather difficult character, she is very authoritarian and methodical. She is demanding and does not let herself walk on her feet. Rather discreet, but effective, Eva Marie is a real woman of action. Dedicated and generous, she is always ready to help. Possessive in love and friendship, she gives priority to the happiness of her family. His altruism and charity often cause him many wrongs.


Eva-Maria, Marie-Eve, Marie-Eva,

His party :

The Éva-Marie are honored on August 15 and September 6.

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