Intimate toilet after childbirth

After giving birth, you naturally feel the urge to shower. But can it be done right after birth? And in case of episiotomy, are the rules of hygiene the same? Claire Ferry, midwife *, gives us advice.

Can we shower immediately after delivery or should we wait?

  • Claire Ferry: "After the birth, I advise my patients to take a shower as soon as they have eaten a little and as soon as they feel their legs, especially if they had an epidural.For this first shower, it is better than someone 'one in your room (dad, a friend), in case you do not feel well'.

Which soap should I use?

  • Claire Ferry: "For the shower, any intimate soap will do the trick, it's up to you to choose the brand that suits you, try several if you want before birth. wash more than twice a day with this soap (a rule that also applies outside of the postpartum period), because it attacks the vaginal flora and favors fungal infections.If you feel a need for "freshness", rinse with water after going to the toilet If you have pain during urination, pouring a little water when you urinate will help ease the pain. "

In case of episiotomy, how do I do?

  • Claire Ferry: "If you had an episiotomy or a tear, the rules of hygiene are the same.The resorbable son disappear in ten days, meanwhile, you just have to change regularly and well dry the scar.For this you can for example dab with a dry pad or toilet paper Forget about the hair dryer or eosin, even if your girlfriends recommend it, it's no use The hair dryer even tends to do less beautiful scars ".

Should we take a particular hygiene precaution with bleeding?

  • Claire Ferry : "Bleeding is slow enough soon after birth, there is no particular recommendation, a minimum daily shower, a maximum of two, and all will be fine, but if you bleed a lot, call the midwife because is not normal. "

Stéphanie Letellier

* Claire Ferry, midwife at the maternity ward of the André Grégoire Intercommunity Hospital Center, Montreuil