Name Fernando - Meaning and origin

Name Fernando - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Fernando derives its origin from the Germanic name "Fridunand". The latter is composed of the Gothic words "frith" and "nanth" which mean respectively "protection" and "temerity".


Spanish Formula 1 driver Fernando Alonso, footballers Fernando Menegazzo, Fernando Francisco Reges and Fernando Miguel Fernandez Escribano.

Your little Fernando will he be a sportsman?

Saint Ferdinand of Cajazzo, better known as Ferdinand of Aragon, is a blessed who was the fifth bishop of Caiazzo in the eleventh century. He was a member of the royal family of Aragon.

His character :

For Fernando, what others think of him is essential. His image is important to him because he needs the approval of his family and friends to carry out his projects. He will like to be recognized for his talents and skills. Once assured of the support of his family, he will be someone ambitious and reckless. He is not a daredevil, he does not like to limit himself to what he has and can spend a lot of time working to achieve his goals. Volunteer and hardworking, Fernando never gives up on sloppiness. Once he has achieved his goal, he will immediately start a new quest or a new project.


Ferren, Ferdinand, Fernande, Ferrante, Hernando

His party :

Ferren, Ferdinand, Fernande, Ferrante, Hernando

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