Your child 3-5 years

Atsem, a person who reassures

The Atsem (specialized territorial agent of kindergartens), you meet every morning when you leave your child in kindergarten. It is she who dries the big tears, washes her hands, prepares the snack, the material. In short, a kind of second mom!

Its functions

This profession, mostly female, requires great versatility.

  • Atsem's mission is to assist teachers in kindergarten classes in matters of material work.
  • She helps the teacher at the time of the reception of the children in the morning, for the organization of the nap and in the preparation and the realization of the workshops.
  • She accompanies school children throughout their day. She finds them in class, in the canteen where she provides lunch with the animators, and eventually at the leisure center.
  • She is responsible for the maintenance of the premises during school time and leisure centers (or holidays).
  • She takes care of the personal hygiene of the children during the passage to the toilets, the washing of the hands and the sessions of undressing-dressing at the time of the nap.
  • While the mistress symbolizes rather the authority, the Atsem represents the affective security, the comfort.

His status

  • Until 1992, the Atsem were recruited as maintenance agents. Their status has been revalued: they are part of the educational community.
  • The Atsem is a territorial agent employed by the town halls. To apply, you must have a CAP early childhood or be a mother of three children.
  • It is paid by the town hall, but works under the responsibility of the school director during school time. Outside school hours (daycare, catering ...), it is under the responsibility of the mayor.
  • Today there are around 60,000 Atsem in France. Employment opportunities are highly dependent on the budget and municipal policies.
  • The possibilities of evolution remain few. Some Atsem would like to be more involved with children, have a stronger educational role and better recognized responsibilities.

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