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The pacifier also has assets!

We know by heart the defects of the totote: nest with microbes, responsible for sleep disorders, brake the learning of language ... And yet, the pacifier also provides real services. The proof by 4.

  • It is known, the nipple has nasty defects! It is a nest of microbes that maintains rhinos repeatedly ... It compromises the proper implementation of breastfeeding because a breast does not seize like a rubber tip ...
  • It is likely to induce severe sleep disorders: if a toddler gets used to falling asleep with a pacifier in the mouth, he will need it during each night awakening to go back to sleep
  • It hinders the learning of language: difficult to articulate with a plug in the mouth. But the totote also has some scientifically established qualities.

1st asset: it serves as a painkiller

  • In 2009, to manage the pain of infants, the ANSM, National Agency for the Safety of Medicines and Health Products **, advocated the systematic use of a sweet solution associated with the sucking ... of a pacifier . Why ? "In contact with sugar, some receptors on the tongue release antalgic substances, but sucking a nipple enhances this effect," says Jean-François Magny, pediatrician, head of neonatal resuscitation and paediatrics at the hospital Necker-Brune in Paris. So a baby who must be perfused or punctured is always entitled to a pacifier!

2nd trump: the totote helps prevent sudden infant death

  • "The scientific literature is quite clear about its protective role," says Inge Harrewijn, pediatrician at the Regional Reference Center on the unexpected death of infants in Montpellier. Studies have shown that "sucking" babies are less prone to sudden death than others. "It has been possible to establish that children with pacifiers are more likely to wake up to wakefulness in the event of adverse events, such as breathing pauses, and a better balance between factors that accelerate the heart and those that lower the heart rate, "explains the doctor.
  • Fun fact: the protective effect of the pacifier lasts all night, even if the little sleeper loses it after twenty minutes (the average)! "So we do not have any problem with the parents giving the pacifier to their newborn, on the contrary, provided they wait a few days after birth, that breastfeeding is well installed," she advises.

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