Gaiüs Meaning - Origin and Names

Gaiüs Meaning - Origin and Names

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Meaning of the name:

The name Gaiüs is a variant of Caius. It comes from the Greek word "gaios" which originates from the word Gaia designating the Earth in Greek mythology.


Gaius Julius Caesar or Caius Julius Caesar, better known as Julius Caesar, was the name worn by many in the Julia family. The great Julius Caesar is one of them.
Gaius Appulius Diocles was one of the most famous auriges of antiquity.
Caius Marius was a general and a politician of Roman origin.
Caius Mucius Scaevola was a hero of ancient Rome who stood out during the war against Porsenna.
Gaius Charles is an actor of American origin.

The Gaiüs are celebrated on the same day as Saint Caius, martyred in Cappadocia. He was thrown naked in the icy water with 39 other people, for refusing to serve the pagan gods during the persecution of the Eastern emperor, Licinius.

His character :

Gaiüs is a boy with a strong character. He hates half measures and is known for his frankness, honesty, courage and the magnetism that emanates from his person. Showing great audacity as well as an incredible ability of adaptation and action, he appreciates the difficulties that stimulate him.



His party :

The Gaiüs are celebrated on March 10th.

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