Name Gauthier - Meaning and origin

Name Gauthier - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Gauthier originates from the German terms "waldan" and "her" which mean respectively "to govern" and "army".


The poets Gautier de Coincy and Gautier d'Arras, the writers Gauthier Guillet and Gautier de Lille, the French entrepreneur Gauthier Toulemonde, the humorist Gauthier Fourcade, the skier Gauthier de Tessières and the fencer Gauthier Grummier.

Saint Gauthier de Pontoise was a French religious of the eleventh century. Appointed abbot of the Abbey of Saint-Martin de Pontoise, he did not miss an opportunity to shirk his responsibilities. His life was a long succession of escape and arrest. Tired of all his duties, he finally handed over his letter of resignation to Pope Gregory VII, but the latter forced him to respect his oath. He is the patron saint of prisoners and vine growers.

His character :

Active and voluntary, Gauthier is a person who likes to share. He is an idealist who seeks to improve the world and thinks that all men are equal in rights. For him, one can reach perfection only by walking toward that ultimate goal. His chivalric spirit makes him a trusted person. He is a sociable and intelligent person. Gauthier will not hesitate to help the people he loves.


Walt, Walter, Walther, Gaultier, Gautier

His party :

Les Gauthier are celebrated on March 23, April 8 and May 4.

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