Name Georgie - Meaning of origin

Name Georgie - Meaning of origin

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Origin of first name:

Anglo-Saxons, Greeks

Meaning of the name:

This name comes from the Greek Gheorghios and means "worker of the land". It's a mixed first name.


American saxophonist and jazz conductor Georgie Auld (1919-1990), English singer and organist Georgie Fame, British actress Georgie Henley, British TV host Georgie Thompson.

His character :

Georgie is energetic, a little wisp that twirls according to her desires. This does not prevent him from asking himself to think carefully before acting. It is difficult to stop it. Once Georgie gets involved in something, she puts all the strength of her will into it. She is a real beating woman and not the kind of woman to let down by the difficulties. We can count on Georgie and trust him. Reliable, she is committed to her principles and is generous and loyal. Georgie is also resourceful and pragmatic. Balanced, she knows how to juggle between her need to be surrounded - to let her joie de vivre and her sociability express herself - and the envy of loneliness that sometimes takes her. It is natural and does not know, nor does it support, the superficiality.


Geo, Geoffrey, Geoffrette, Geoffrey,

His party :


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