Gülcan Meaning and Meaning

Gülcan Meaning and Meaning

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Meaning of the name:

Gülcan is a Turkish male given name meaning "from the rose" or "rose soul".


Gülcan Kamps (1982) is a Turkish-German TV presenter.

Gülcan Koca (1990) is a Turkish-Australian footballer.

Gülcan Mıngır (1989) is a Turkish runner.

His character :

The Gulcan are generally willing, active and dynamic, always ready to help others. Their weakness is undoubtedly due to their strong affectivity and emotivity. The Gülcan are extremely sensitive to their friendly or family environment and need to feel surrounded by their loved ones in order to feel a physical and emotional well-being. As children, they are pleasant to live in and grow and grow according to the love and encouragement they receive from their family members, but also from their friends and teachers. Far from being little devils, the Gülcan are rather like escaping through fantasy, fantasy and dreams.


Guldane and Gulden.

His party :

There is no party for this name.

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