Name Gordana - Meaning and origin

Name Gordana - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Celts, Slavs

Meaning of the name:

In Scotland, "Gordana" translates as "heroic" or "brave" while in other Celtic languages ​​this term simply means "triangular hill".

According to its Slavic origin, the female name "Gordana" translates as "the proud one".


The American Gordana Gehlhausen, fashion designer and candidate in season 6 of the show "Project Runway" Lifetime.

Actresses Gordana Stojicevic, Gordana Lazarevic and Gordana Rashovich.

Gordana Jankulovska, Macedonian politician and Minister of the Interior in 2006.

His character :

Gordana especially marks the spirits by the contradictory facets of his personality. Dynamic, independent and authoritarian, this woman is also dependent, passive, even submissive. It is a real enigma for his new knowledge and often surprises his family. If she manages to find a balance between her antagonistic impulses, Gordana can represent the parent par excellence. Its unique character allows it to be strict and firm while remaining benevolent and full of compassion.

Gordana's atypical personality makes it difficult to manage. She can thus show a great altruism while remaining deeply egocentric. People who see her as a self-starter will be immediately surprised by her generosity. Is this woman cold or sensitive? Rough or soft? Hard or vulnerable? Proud or basically humble? This complex being constantly raises these kinds of questions because of his rather strange behavior. As a child, Gordana is a hyperemotional girl with regular and fairly extreme mood changes. His parents will have to encourage him to gradually seek a balance between his contradictory impulses. This incessant internal struggle could indeed lead this girl to lead an unstable and chaotic life.


Gordan, Gordie and Gordy.

His party :

The Gordana are celebrated on April 23rd.

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