Name Griffin - Meaning and Origin

Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

In the Celtic language, the name Griffin means "the one who waits".


From a father film publisher and a mother actress, Griffin Frazen is an undisputed American actor.
Griffin Reinhart is a professional ice hockey player. This Canadian is playing as a defenseman on the New York Islanders team.
NBA player Blake Griffin is the holder of several records, including rebounds, free throws and assists.

His character :

Griffin is characterized by his curiosity and his sense of observation. Of a calm and calm nature, he never acts without having weighed the consequences of his actions. As a child, he is sometimes very shy and lacks self-confidence. He tends to fall back on himself and stay alone in his corner. This personality trait will fade as he grows up.
Often undecided, Griffin struggles to impose his ideas and beliefs. Yet he does not let himself be manipulated and prefers to remain neutral. He stands back and remains discreet when it comes to choosing his side. This attitude annoys his entourage, but does not seem to worry him.
His intelligence turns out to be his greatest weapon for a successful life. Diligent in detail, he is never limited to a global vision of things. For him, it is totally inconceivable to work under pressure, to evolve at his own pace being a guarantee of success.
Griffin is the perfect example of the proverb "there is no point in running, you have to start at the right time".



His party :

There is no special day to celebrate Griffin

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