School is necessarily frustrating

"Go sit, listen, repeat ..." These few words said, even with the softest voice, resonate in the head of your child inevitably as heavy injunctions. Especially if he is at the beginning of his school career: he then has an idea in mind, to have fun, touch, feel ... his intelligence is built on the concrete and his senses are awake.

So from there to channel them, not easy! If, at home, he often tells you that the teacher shouts a lot or is not nice, the origin may not be foreign to this imperious need of the child to explore according to procedures sometimes, let's say it, disconcerting for the adult. Especially multiplied by 30!

School is the prison?

In the evening he is exhausted. In small section, children take a nap. In medium section, it depends on ... the space available, the children and their own pace. So if he is tired at night, what's more normal! He got up early and had to show some attention and even effort throughout the day.

This fatigue can result in a certain depression (station at the nose in the soup!) Or a frank excitement. There, you will have to use some understanding and accelerate the movement to put this little guy in bed. Tell yourself he can not stall his pace on yours. Not after such a day!

Carole Renucci

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