Name Guylène - Meaning of the origin

Name Guylène - Meaning of the origin

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Origin of first name:


Meaning of the name:

Variation of "Guilaine", the female name "Guilène" translates as "soft".


French actress Guylène Ouvrard.
Guylène Péan, actress and French casting director having worked on "Pourquoi pas!" (1977)

His character :

Guylène appears from the outset as a discreet woman, shy and particularly difficult to approach. She encounters difficulties in socializing and public speaking is not part of her talents. However, his enigmatic side is part of his charm. It thus releases an aura at once intriguing and irresistible. When she finds herself in a familiar setting, this suspicious person manages to open up to others. Her lack of confidence preventing her from flourishing, this anguished woman needs reassurance to achieve the best of herself. Because of her frankness and lack of spontaneity, Guylène has a hard time adjusting to a new environment. It tries to limit social interactions and tends to indulge in monotony. This routine allows him to freely express all his intellect. During her phases of introspection, she often launches into great reflections or metaphysical quests.

Intelligent and insightful from an early age, Guylene gives great importance to details. Therefore, this sensitive girl should not be exposed to family conflicts to preserve her comfort zone. A calm and comforting family atmosphere will allow him to develop all his creativity. Guylène's parents will also have to encourage him to socialize more to get him used to human contact and thus strengthen his temperament.


Guylaine, Ghislaine, Ghyslaine, Gillaine, Gislaine, Guilaine, Guilene

His party :

Guylene are honored on October 10 and June 12.

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