Name Hadia - Meaning of origin

Name Hadia - Meaning of origin

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Meaning of the name:

In the Arabic language, the name Hadia means "the one who guides".


Hadia Tajik is a lawyer of Pakistani-Norwegian origin, a journalist and a politician.

His character :

Hadia is a mysterious girl with a double personality. Strong and determined, she is very independent, voluntary, courageous and authoritarian. However, his cold and distant attitude is mainly due to his great sensitivity. In reality, this gentle and calm being is very vulnerable. She is often hurt by the harsh realities of life and has a strong tendency to withdraw into herself to protect herself. These are the reasons for Hadia to hide behind a facade of coldness and hardness. Although sensitive, she is very concerned about her little person. In these moments, she can be egocentric and arrogant. However, if you are asking for help, do not be surprised if she immediately agrees. Her dual personality mixing generosity and egocentrism, strength and fragility make her a complex person for those who do not know her well. Hadia can be quite superficial and materialistic while engaging in social or humanitarian activities. While attending, it will not be surprising to see it go from generosity and kindness to anger and aggression. So is his nature made. To avoid that Hamia is too carried away by its divergent nature, it is useful to follow closely from his childhood. By letting her participate in group activities or exercise, you'll make sure she's better able to control herself in the future.


Hadaya and Hddi'a.

His party :

There is no party for people named Hadia.

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