The good gap between two children

What is the ideal time between two children? Two, three, four years ... or more? Of course, there are no rules, but some considerations are still worth studying.

  • As soon as the worry and worries of the first months subside, the parents discover that they are madly in love with their baby: smiles, solicitations, vocalises ... He has charm assets in his game.
  • And then, all of a sudden, around 12 months, he is offering his laughter, his toys, his tenderness to others. It takes its autonomy. This independence fills her parents with pride, but frustrates them a little. Sometimes this forced detachment causes them to wish for a second child.

Give yourself time to enjoy the first

  • To give birth to two children 18-20 months apart is almost like making false twins. The infancy of these close babies may be constraining because caring for two small addicts and different ages requires a lot of physical resistance and emotional strength. The mother, exhausted, may be tempted to put them "in the same bag", treating them as if they were the same age or involuntarily pushing the elder to grow too fast. When the latter resists and insists on behaving like his younger brother, he sometimes unwillingly wants it and urges him to take on responsibilities for which he is not yet mature.
  • Parents have everything to gain by waiting for the end of the turbulence that marks the second year of their first baby. This is a fundamental step for him. Exciting because it reveals its ability to assume ... but distressing for the same reasons.

Give as much to the small second

  • The arrival of a newborn in this context may not be very well experienced by the elder (preoccupied by his assertion of himself, he may find disturbing this intrusion into the family) and by parents (who would like to devote themselves to this small second but are quite overwhelmed and annoyed by the initiative of the first). A combination of elements that leaves fear a small family tension that everyone will suffer, including the last arrived.
  • Around 3 and a half to 4 years old, a child begins to be able to participate in toddler care. Once back from his disappointment with a baby who is not his age and can not take part in his games, he is able to feel that the newcomer belongs to him too. He willingly learns to feed him, helps him change, talks to him and plays with him. In unison with his parents, he discovers the baby, strives to see it grow and notices his progress.