The calendar of Advent in feather

And if you changed the traditional Advent by offering your child to make a feather crown to wait for Christmas? Here is a unique DIY and angelic, ideal for decorating the room.


  • A ring (about 25 cm in diameter)
  • Many white feathers (hobby stores)
  • White wrapping paper
  • Large satin ribbons: orange and purple (3 m long each)
  • Fine ribbons: red, orange, purple and pink
  • A fine silver thread


  • Assemble some feathers to make a small bouquet. Use the ring to hold them together and wind the whole thing tightly with the silver wire. Use the same method to make other bouquets of feathers and wrap them with the silver thread as you make the bouquets. Once you have obtained several bouquets that will fit in the ring, attach everything securely to form a feather crown.

  • Attach the wide satin ribbons to the crown before suspending it from the ceiling.

  • Pack 24 small gifts in white paper.

  • Lie them firmly to the crown with the fine ribbons of colors. Suspend the crown to the ceiling. If this is not possible, put it on the table or on a nice tray.

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