Halloween pumpkin disguise

A Halloween party without a pumpkin? Impossible ! Here's how to disguise yourself in a giant pumpkin ... Enough to amaze your friends! A DIY idea to share with your child.


  • A big orange T-shirt
  • 2 pillows
  • Green leggings
  • plaster
  • Crepe paper (or felt) light green and dark green


1. Cut a leaf-shaped collar in crepe paper or light green felt.

2. Cut another sheet-shaped flange in the felt or dark green crepe paper. Use the first collar as a template.

3. Thread the T-shirt to your child and stuff it in front and behind with the pillows. Tuck the T-shirt into the leggings belt. Glue the tape in vertical stripes on the T-shirt and then lay the two collars staggered around his neck. Finally fix behind with plaster.

4. Make up his face in green. Very cool !


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