Your child 3-5 years

The Ocean Genius: episode 3

For the third and last wish, Pauline asked a magical shell to the genius of the ocean. Shouf! A cloud of smoke ... and what appears? The end of the story.

  • "I have not heard about it," said Baladin, "but I will try anyway."
  • Shouf! In a tiny cloud of smoke, a white shell appears. Pauline catches it and blows in, gently.
  • "Please, magical shell, bring down Theo."
  • Slowly, Theo's bucket shrinks, shrinks and Theo goes down, goes down to finish sitting on a small bucket of beach.
  • "Goodbye children!" cries the genius then, and he disappears.
  • Pauline and Theo look at each other. What a story ! Nobody will want to believe them! Fortunately, they have the bottle, the message ... and the shell.
  • It is a shell like all those on the beach. Yet both children know he is different.
  • As for you, this summer, do not forget to blow in the shells that you have collected. Maybe there is one of magic, who knows?


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A story written by Françoise Clairet-Colaruotolo, illustrated by Kaori Souvignet, published in the magazine Toupie, Milan jeunesse.