Your child 3-5 years

The rope game

To have fun with 4 friends

To have fun with 4 friends

Arrange a rope and two baskets: one empty and the other filled with pebbles (or small toys). Have the children form two teams and give each one a basket.

Place the rope in the center of the room or garden and the baskets each on one side of the rope, a few meters away.

The two children on the side of the empty basket hold the rope up high, holding it each by one end and sing a song, a green mouse for example.

While they are singing, the other two players pass and return under the bridge to deposit, at each passage, a pebble at a time in the empty basket.

Be careful, at the end of the song, the dam will be lowered!

To the other team to play! The one who amassed the most pebbles won.