Your child 3-5 years

The game of spells

For a small group of six children minimum.

In the morning, you will have prepared spells on small papers, use imagination but they must remain very simple to execute. Invent evil spells (turn into a statue, go to jail, cry like a fountain) and, for each of them, a bad luck (have the right to wriggle, free a friend from prison, receive a kiss that clears the crying ...). It does not matter if there are duplicates, but it takes a good amount of spells to go fast. You can, once the spell is cast, put it back in the hat or box.

Separate your little world into two groups: wizards and wizards.

One member of each team, in turn, draws a spell. If it's a bad spell, he throws it on a member of the opposing team. If it's a bad spell, he uses it or keeps it in reserve for his team. He who is in prison, statufié, etc., must of course pass his turn. What makes a totally immobilized team ... lost.