The decoded baby language

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If your baby can not yet express himself in words, he is already perfectly able to communicate with those around him, just with his hands.

The decoded baby language (7 pics)

I do not need anything !

His little fingers closed, his hands slightly bent, he is completely relaxed: your baby is satisfied. At this moment he has no need to play or be entertained. His message: do not offer me anything new, help me to find calm.

I dream !

Your baby is sleeping. His hands are well closed, the eyes move under the eyelids: it is the sign that he is in full dream phase. The sleep is not very deep and your child will probably wake up soon. That's why it's better to stick around and report the call to your best friend a little later.

I want some thing !

His fingers are tense, his arms and hands too: your baby is attentive and open to play or discovery. It's time to entertain him.

I am angry !

His little hands are closed and tense: your baby is very upset. Maybe he's scared or wrong somewhere. He needs you to calm him, reassure him. Take it quickly in your arms.

Quiet Please !

His eyes are closed. His arms, wrists, hands and fingers are completely loose. Your baby is in a deep sleep phase. Before waking up, he will first go through a dream phase. Do not wake your child during the deep sleep phase: he may be disoriented for a little while.

I am tired !

His hand falls slightly, his fingers are not very straight, soft. This is the sign that your baby needs to sleep. If, despite this, you try to play with him or show him something, he may whine and not be happy. Opt instead for a calm atmosphere.

I want it !

His arms are stretched, his fingers are ready to grip. Your baby wants to catch the game, the bottle or the object in front of him. Do not make it too easy and let him try it himself.