The melon

Source of vitamin C, potassium and carotene ... melon is an ideal fruit in your summer menus. Learn how to choose, store and accommodate.

What dietary virtues?

  • Melons is a good source of vitamin C, potassium that regulates water in the body and carotene (or Provitamin A) that protects the skin and prepares it for the action of the sun. Especially if it is orange-fleshed melons, much richer in carotene than white-fleshed melons: 2.5 mg for the most colored against 0.1 mg for the whitest ones.
  • It is light (50 kcal / 100 g), easy to prepare in starter and dessert. Sweet, refreshing, most kids love it! So many virtues that offer him a beautiful place in the summer menus.
  • However, its fibers having a very effective action on the intestinal transit, it is preferable towait until your child is 1 year old before offering it raw in slices, just pan-fried to accompany a meat or mixed in juice.

Choose it well

  • Do not be fooled by the choice of a well-ripened melon start with the souper : the heavier it is in the hand, the more it is saturated with sugar.
  • Observe it: if it has a crack at the base of the peduncle and if its skin is granular, it is because it is ripe.
  • Feel it: if this area around the peduncle has a well-scented odor, you have the correct number.

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