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Claire's Christmas starfish

Claire the starfish was in her room, but her room was as big as the ocean. The surface of the water formed a dancing ceiling that she rarely left her eyes because, for her, the ocean was nothing compared to the immensity of the sky that was trembling over it.

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  • "Come in my arms, darling," said her mother, who had not heard her coming into the thick silence of the water. I feel you dreamy. What are you thinking about? "" Tell me about Santa Claus again, Mom, "Claire said.
  • "Well, he's going to load his toy sled that night for all the kids, fly off to the sky, guide the stars, and visit every house for a long night." "Even us?" "Of course." Yet we are under water! - Santa Claus is a man for men, a fish for fish, a bird for birds, nothing stops him and he never forgets nobody.- I see, says Claire in a small voice.
  • She seemed to hesitate, and went on: "Do you know what I often dream about, Mom? I dream of flying to become one of those stars that shine and help thousands of sailors to find their way! Oh yes ! as I would like, with friends, to form funny drawings in the firmament, pots, houses, crosses, kites, snakes ... Quit not to shine so much, by the way ... - You're a starfish, Claire, replied his mother, and for us, the prettiest of them all. Your sky is the bottom of the water! Nothing can be changed there. Too bad, said Claire.

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