New French hero of New Yorkers

A young Lyon engineer became the darling of New York City after rescuing a little girl from drowning. (News of the 08/04/10)

  • Julien Duret, 29, went from a simple tourist vacation to a national hero in minutes.
  • As he was walking near the harbor from South Street to New York, this engineer from Lyon sees a little girl float in the cold waters of the East River. Believing at first that it was a doll, he quickly realized that it was a girl. In a few seconds, he gets rid of his coat and plunges to help the young victim. He is quickly joined by the little girl's father and they both lift her out of the water. The helpers, called by the companion of the Frenchman, take care of the little Bridget, 2 years old. Meanwhile, passersby give dry clothes to Julien, who then rushes into a taxi. The American media are already looking for the hero of the day. The little girl's dad even calls for witnesses on MSNBC, a local television channel.
  • The next day while at the airport to return to France, he still does not know that all New York seeks "the mysterious rescuer".
  • The New York Daily News found his trace in Lyon, from where he gave a daily interview. "I do not think I'm a hero," he said, "anyone would have done the same thing." Humble, modest and ... French. A beautiful ambassador for France in the United States.

To view the video of the rescue, click here.

Alison Novic